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Alma Indomable

Starting, Monday 19th October on Univisión

Karina Mora, actress, Alma Indomable

A rebel without any educación, Alma Peréz is a rough diamond, with no manners at all, she is a savage that has not been able to be tamed. Even though Alma is Patricia Sorrento's grandchild, and for this reason she is the legal inheritant of a fortune, she was raised in poverty by a cruel woman who had her since she was a baby, but never knew of Alma's true origins.

Destiny takes her to Don Patricio's luxury hacienda, where she is given shelter. This is when her life begins to change forever.

When she gets to know Juan Pablo Robles, the farm administrator, her heart tells her that he is the love of her life, but this great love is not to flower easily. Life takes Juan Pablo and Alma on different paths, both marry other people, but time and distance are not able to erase the memories they have of each other. Estaban de la Vega, the powerful multimilionaire gets to know Alma, falls in love with her, and he does not rest until she is made her wife, hence rivaling Juan Pablo.

Alma meets with her mother who has spent years looking for her. Cecelia takes care of Alma and she converts her into a model. Alma is a great success on the catwalks and she is now rich and very refined, however her heart is full of hate and this makes her character worse than ever.

Alma, converted into a famous model and milionaire, then comes back to her former life to get vengance for all the humiliations she had suffered.

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  • Karina Mora, actriz, Vivir sin ti

    Karina Mora in the TV Azteca soap opera, "Vivir sin Ti"

    MEXICO.- In the soap opera "Vivir sin Ti" there was not just a leaving of actors, also the story has changed name. From tomorrow it will be called "Vivir por Ti".

    This week the personality of María Aura was eliminated, the young star of the programme, also Natalia, Elizabeth Cervantes' part, she will be absent for one month.

    "We have made the decision to make a '¿what would happen if a soap opera had 3 or 4 courses?'. It's a love story that was first told in Vivir sin Ti and now will de told in Vivir por Ti, afterwards will will have a third course", Ana Celia Urquidi said, assiciate producer of the soap opera transmitted by TV Azteca.

    Because this production was not as popular as expected, it's producers went about making modifications in order to satisfy the public.

    "We found out by asking the press, that the viewers were not liking the original story and the general rythm of the programme. So, we started again, but the principal character Juan Carlos (Diego Olivera) stayed".

    Without becoming a series, as it does not have the format, the title change ,will be every 30 episodes.

    Cervantes could stay in the story, but this depends on the viewing public.

    "Also depending on the public, we are thinking of brin.ging back the character of Natalia. I would like very much that she returns, we are keeping this character on standby.", she said.

    The actors that will be in the second part are Iliana Fox as the psycologist Ximena and Karina Mora in the part of Bárbara.

    Other actrisses that appeared three weeks ago are Lisset and Julieta Egurrola.

    "I don´t want to use the word, fire actors because it is very hard and ugly, it is not fair to say: 'this does not work', It is our responsibility as producers to find the right formula".

    For the moment the progamme will continue at 9:30 and 10:30 in the night, there are no plans to change the showing time.

    Aim "Fire..."

    Ana Celia Urquidi, associated producer of Vivir sin Ti, recognised that Fuego en la Sangre, that is shown at 21:00 to 22:00, has not helped the programme.

    "The truth is that Fuego en la Sangre has some handsome men, the story is very good, a super production, but we are on course and fighting", Urquidi said.

    (Source: Reforma Agency)

    Karina Mora in "Vivir por Ti" by TV Azteca

    Karina Mora, actress, vivir por ti

    Karina Mora is now appearing in the TV Azteca soap opera, Vivir por Ti, for more information about this soap opera, follow the link below:

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  • Photos from the production of "Vivir por Ti"

    Karina Mora, programme Vivir por ti
    Karina Mora, programme Vivir por ti
    Karina Mora, programme Vivir por ti
    Karina Mora, programme Vivir por ti
    Karina Mora, programme Vivir por ti
    Karina Mora, programme Vivir por ti
    Karina Mora, actress
    Above: Karina Mora in "¿Donde está Elisa?",
    the soap opera by Telemundo that was
    first screened in 2010.
    Karina Mora, actress
    Above: Karina Mora in "Alma Indomable",
    the new Univision production.
    Above left: Karina Mora in "Gitanas"
    Above center: Karina Mora in "Corazón Partido"
    Above right: Karina Mora in "Marina"
    Karina Mora, actress, Marina
    Above: Karina Mora as "Maria Magdalena" in the production "Gitanas"
    Karina Mora, actress, Marina
    Above: Karina Mora in the production "Marina"
    Karina Mora, actress, Marina

    The series was filmed in the Port of Acapulco and is starring Mauricio Ochmann, Humberto Zurita, Susana Dosamantes, Aylín Mujica, Sandra Echeverría, Carlos Caballero, Elizabeth Cervantes, Alfonso Dosa and Ilean Almaguer.

    The debut has the potential of reaching 16.5 million hispanic viewers.

    Karina Mora, actress, Gitanas

    Played "María Magdalena" in the production "Gitanas" by the Telemundo Network.

    Karina Mora, actress, Corazon Partido

    Karina Mora played the part of "Alejandra" in the production "Corazón Partido" by Telemundo.

    Karina Mora, actress, Heridas de Amor

    Played "Lizania" in the production "Heridas de Amor".
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