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Karina Mora, actress

Karina Mora, actress, vivir por ti

Karina Mora in "Vivir por Ti" by TV Azteca

Karina Mora is now appearing in the TV Azteca soap opera, Vivir por Ti, for more information about this soap opera, follow the link below:

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  • Karina Mora, actress, Marina de Telemundo
    Karina Mora in Marina,
    Information / interview / photos in Yahoo TV

    Karina Mora, actress, Gitanas

    "Gitanas" made records in it's debut ...registered the highest ratings for a series in the history of the network. ...The participation of various gypsy families in dance scenes and parties helped towards authenticity. "Gitanas" is subtitled in English on cc1. Telemundo, this North American Spanish speaking television network is an essential source...

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    Las Americas: 27/11/2006)

    The Mexican Actress Karina Mora has entered the United States with success, thanks to her excellent acting in the series "Gitanas".

    Recently we saw her in the production "Heridas de Amor" from the Televisa Television Network, and she is now appearing in "Marina" by Alberto Gómez that Telemundo is transmitting, where Karina Mora plays Matilde; with this she becomes one of the few actresses that has two productions by two different Networks on the air at the same time.

    The prestigious newspaper Las Americas has published an interesting interview with this beautiful actress:

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  • Rumours in town: by Gloria Alvarez

    Karina Mora, is the beautiful, talented mexican actress who plays the sweet Matilde in "Marina" from the Telemundo Network. The part, is of a beautiful model who strongly believes in love and who dreams of forming a family. With the passing of time she becomes freinds with Marina. This is Karina Moras' sixth production, and the third for Telemundo, the last two were "Gitanas" in which she played Marķa Magdalena, one of the three stars of the show, and "Corazón Partido" where she played Alejandra. We can also apreciate her recent work in the United States in the production "Heridas de Amor" that is transmitted by Univisión, in which she played Lizania. Thanks to this Karina Mora became one of the very few actesses to have two productions on the air at the same time, in the same country and by different networks.

    Telmex campaign

    Karina Mora, actriz, Video telephone from Telmex
    Karina Mora, mexican actress
    Karina Mora, Un tigre en la cama
    Karina Mora, actress, El Especialito magazine
    Karina Mora on the cover
    of the magazine El Especialito
    Karina Mora, actriz
    Karina Mora on the cover of Gente Latina
    Karina Mora, actriz
    Karina Mora in Giatanas
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