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Born on the 17th of November in Merida, Yucatán, of star sign Scorpion, lived most of her life in thecity of Campeche, Campeche and it was there that she studied in Primary, Secondary and High School while taking classes in Classical Ballet, jazz and regional dances, also piano and guitar workshops.

She was Miss Campeche in 1998 and Miss Mexico International in the following year when participating in the Miss International pagent in Japan.

At 19 participated in the casting to enter the CEA and moved to Mexico City in order to study the full career. she has done small parts in Televisa TV productions ("Clase 406", "Velo de novia", "Las vias del amor", "Rebelde" amoungst other productions).

She has participated in the following TV productions, "Gitanas", "Corazon Partido", "Marina", "Heridas de Amor", "Alma Indomable", "Pecadora" y "Donde esta Elisa" ...

Now living in Miami, Florida, where she is starting the filming of a new project for Telemundo.
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